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Realm ov Fire / ق​ل​م​ر​و آ​ت​ش

by اکوان (Akvan)

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The blood of divs stains the earth Ash, once flesh, rains from above رستم rides forth Through the tempest of hail and boulders Toward مازندران Kingdom of demons Where كيكاوس fell blind Prisoner of دیو سپید Sorceror, necromantic beast Agent of chaos and death His blade imbrued As legions fall Bodies divorced From their heads A grisly path of Entrails and gore Guide رستم To his seventh task در قلمرو آتش عدالت مزدا جریان دارد در خون آریایی Locked in fury Flesh torn Limb from bloody limb As his dagger Carves out The bastard's heart در قلمروآتش عدالت مزدا جریان دارد در خون آریایی In the realm of fire Mazda's Justice Reigns supreme and flows through Aryan blood
IR 655 05:00
Frigid ocean winds Echo ghastly shrieks Ov the bereaved Across خلیج فارس Ensanguined waters Seethe and writhe As callous gales Induce savage Tides ov revenge Blood spilt At the hands Ov دیو غرب Drifts through Algid seas The ocean floor Erupts in madness Currents ov chaos Claw forth هرگز نبخش هرگز فراموش نكن
From the tribes Ov sand and piss Came forth the hand Ov Ahriman Saracen snake Spewed from the Cunt ov patricide Damned by Aka Manah's kiss Upon his shoulders Serpents ov hell Roar and hiss Their baleful jaws Feast on the brains Ov our living dead An empire lost To a foreign text Ov blasphemy کاوه آهنگر Ov fire and steel Incite rebellion with Spear and shield Bring forth the rains Ov مهرگان Aryan knight Ov روزآهنگ Crush the serpent's Noxious fangs جاوید، درفش کاویان


released July 17, 2017

Akvan is:
Vizaresa - Vocals, Setar, Tar, Guitars, and Battery

Additional sounds are by Mike Koenig from soundbible.com and have a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 (CC BY3.0) License. They can be downloaded from the following links:


all rights reserved


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